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Of all the issues addressed during a divorce, nothing is more important and more emotional than establishing parents visitation schedules and rights. Fair or not, mothers are often granted more share time with their children after a divorce. With such broad control of their childrens activities and plans, it is no wonder that many fathers feel as if their hands are tied when it comes to enforcing their visitation rights.

It is unreasonable for either parent to expect the other to adhere to strict time requirements of visitation terms each and every time; one must allow for things such as illness, taking a nap, etc. However, if the mothers level of control of the children extends unreasonably, so as to interfere with pre-determined visitation schedule, then the fathers visitation rights may have been violated. In the best interest of the childrens welfare, it is of the utmost importance that all parties fully understand and adhere to the visitation rights, as outlined in your divorce decree.

The divorce decree and parenting agreement outlines in detail the fathers visitation rights, and these provisions are the most important things to consider. Fathers have the right to visit their children during the appointed hours, as set forth in the visitation order. Fathers also have the right to plan and schedule activities during this allotted time. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, fathers have the right to be free from their ex-wifes demands, or threats to retain custody during that time. Fathers rights also include getting an injunction to stop the mother from moving and taking the children without proper notice, or moving out-of-state with the children. Fathers may also alert the proper authorities if the mothers behaviors are interfering with his visitation time. The father may also ask the court to rule on issues not established in the original divorce decree.

Although visitation rights are important for fathers to know, it is equally important for fathers to know what they do not have the right to do. Fathers do not have the right to withhold child support payments if he feels his visitation rights have been violated. Visitation and child support are two separate legal matters. Divorce judges frown upon parents using money as leverage for visitation. Fathers do not have the right to verbally abuse the mother in an attempt to enforce his visitation rights with his children. On the contrary, fathers should exhibit maturity and good judgment, as to maintain his credibility with the court. This is especially important should he decide to expand or modify his visitation rights.

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