All You Need To Know About Child Custody Laws: Florida


The Florida legislature recently enacted laws that abolished the concept of “primary” and “secondary” child custody as well as “visitation.” The court system was overwhelmed with parents who were fighting not only about at whose home the minor would spend most of his time, but also over who should have the title

of primary custodian. Many believed that, if they were deemed the “secondary” custodian, then they were also a second-class parent. Further, many parties resented that they had to “visit” the child rather than live with or spend time with their kin. In an effort to help parents avoid fighting over semantics, the Florida legislature adopted the concept of “time-sharing” to replace the old regime of awarding custody to one parent or the other.

The Florida Legislature also modified and expanded the factors that courts must consider when making a determination on the issue of time-sharing. The overriding concern remains the best interests of the child. There are now twenty factors for consideration, some of which are highlighted below:

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