Child Custody Attorney Florida


It used to be that, when it came to determine child support, the courts would grant custody to the mother and assign child support payments to the father.

That is no longer the case. More and more mothers are being assigned payments, with fathers being granted custody.

The four key factors involved are how much money each parent makes, how many overnight visits they’re awarded, the amount of daycare the child requires, and the cost of the child’s health insurance.

If the parents agree on the custody and support payments, an attorney may not be necessary. However, if there is a dispute between the two parties, it then becomes necessary to hire legal representation.

A well-qualified attorney can help you do three things:

1) Obtain child support payments

This can include determining paternity. It can involve tracking down a delinquent father and administering paternity tests. Once paternity is determined, an attorney can help you go to court and seek support payments.

2) Collect on established payments

Once the court determines which parent owes what amount, it does not, unfortunately, mean that the parent will always pay that amount. Sometimes payments are short, late or missing entirely. An attorney can help you get what you, and your child, deserve. There are many options – from the garnishment of wages to more serious consequences, such as an arrest warrant.

3) Changing support payment amounts

Sometimes life situations dictate an increase or a decrease in child support payments. For instance, if your child becomes seriously ill, you might need to seek an increase. An attorney can help you do that.

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February 22, 2012

Brittney Chamernik @ 4:00 pm #

Good morning

Me and my son have lived in the state of Florida since June 6th 2011 before then his father who lives in IL allowed me to take him with me to Fl ( we had gone to court) and decided to work it out outside of the system. Agreed he would see him 1 week out of each mth and pay half of his schooling.. well he does pay part of schooling but did not follow through on seeing him. 1st time he saw his son was in November. And while in IL he spent every weekend friday -Sunday with my parents and his dad works full time and his mom took care of him at night. He barely saw his son… Also refuses to pay more than 250 a mth which is half of schooling.. My son has had some medical issues and ER visits which i have had to cover and i have asked his father to help he stated since he doesnt see his son he doesnt have too pay anything and i am lucky he pays what he does. Now he asked to have him from April-Sept.. I am pregnant with his little sister and am due June 25th and told him that is too long of a time he is only 4 years old and is settled here with a routine and doesnt need to be disrupted .. Told him he could have him for 2 weeks in June and he could fly back with my parents who are arriving 6/30 when baby is here. Then again he could have him for 2 weeks in Sept cause his father is also having a new baby .. I also asked him to come visit him here since we have moved he stated was too expensive and can not do it… I would like to know my options i would like to have custody with his dad to have visitation rights and also to pay support to help with his son that he has not done since birth … I am his sole provider and take care of him everyday and i just want to know what my rights are as a mother. I do want his father to see him but he is not willing to work with me and he is only thinking of himself

April 18, 2018

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