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Of all the issues addressed during a divorce, nothing is more important and more emotional than establishing parents visitation schedules and rights. Fair or not, mothers are often granted more share time with their children after a divorce. With such broad control of their childrens activities and plans, it is no wonder that many fathers feel as if their hands are tied when it comes to enforcing their visitation rights.

It is unreasonable for either parent to expect the other to adhere to strict time requirements of visitation terms each and every time; one must allow for things such as illness, taking a nap, etc. However, if the mothers level of control of the children extends unreasonably, so as to interfere with pre-determined visitation schedule, then the fathers visitation rights may have been violated. In the best interest of the childrens welfare, it is of the utmost importance that all parties fully understand and adhere to the visitation rights, as outlined in your divorce decree.

The divorce decree and parenting agreement outlines in detail the fathers visitation rights, and these provisions are the most important things to consider. Fathers have the right to visit their children during the appointed hours, as set forth in the visitation order. Fathers also have the right to plan and schedule activities during this allotted time. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, fathers have the right to be free from their ex-wifes demands, or threats to retain custody during that time. Fathers rights also include getting an injunction to stop the mother from moving and taking the children without proper notice, or moving out-of-state with the children. Fathers may also alert the proper authorities if the mothers behaviors are interfering with his visitation time. The father may also ask the court to rule on issues not established in the original divorce decree.

Although visitation rights are important for fathers to know, it is equally important for fathers to know what they do not have the right to do. Fathers do not have the right to withhold child support payments if he feels his visitation rights have been violated. Visitation and child support are two separate legal matters. Divorce judges frown upon parents using money as leverage for visitation. Fathers do not have the right to verbally abuse the mother in an attempt to enforce his visitation rights with his children. On the contrary, fathers should exhibit maturity and good judgment, as to maintain his credibility with the court. This is especially important should he decide to expand or modify his visitation rights.

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April 9, 2013

james @ 10:10 pm #

i need some help…..i need to talk n the phone with someone.

April 12, 2013
October 17, 2014

T.J. @ 4:27 pm #

Are there any stipulations in the statues regarding pick up & drop off of the minor child for visitation? I would think it is customary for each party to share in the pick up & drop off. Childs mother feels it is the responsibility of the father to do ALL the pick ups & drop offs for visitation.

Thank you.

February 4, 2015
February 2, 2015

Father @ 7:13 pm #

Lol… What gets me is why because I am a male, , I get treated like a piece of trash and become a slave to a female person i rightfully divorce because our relationship should not be husband and wife. Child support is legal slavery of males to females. It’s bias and disgusting behavior of any civil social fabric. It’s not the real law. It’s made up law that changes all the time. It’s true affects are devastating to the child/ren and creates destruction of any sort of friendship the male and female have. Legislators have to stay out of family affairs and 50/50 split should be automatic. The 50’s are a dying generation, however our generation suffers from the old way. Equally, a female has just as much right and ability to compete in the work place as males. Who ever still thinks a female should be home with the kids while the male works should be fired from any legislative activity. It’s easy to sit in a chair and right ” laws ” on how people should act. I am first hand experience of the destructive power of florida legislators that think they know whats is best for my family and my children. How about i come to your home and tell you how yur going to run things. Bet you would not like that would you ?! Also , no florida legislator can do math either. How can a person pay $252.00 working for $8.05 an hour and have a support system for there child/ren. And why do I pay the other parent during summer when my child is with me for a month and a half. Oh yes, he has to go hungry because that’s the new law you made . Yes. !! Until it changes again , let’s suffer through until you hire a grade 5 lvl math student to show after tax deductions and child support payment the male parent literately lives in the best cardboard box with his child during there time together while the other parent, the female, drinks, shops pays her bills , gets her nails done and sits back comfy making an extra $252.00 a month at minimum because , well , this person is a female. I understand why the law refers to ” awarding” a child to the female parent. These laws destroy the very fabric of families and seperate parents. Nothing about them is in the best interest of the child or the parent that ultimately would love nothing more than to be a parent to their child/ren. These are the facts. If you want to stop clogging the court house with the family problems your legislation creates. If you persist in thinking your laws are correct then you need to start educating the male population and come right out with it in the education system. Name the class ” being a male parent ” 1101. Be sure to just be straight forward educating makes in your laws and treatment of there gender. Huh…! Oh hers an economic idea i just thought of…. Promote genetically designed babies that you can chose your child’s gender so as a parent of a male child, you do not have to see them suffer under the tyranny of state legislators because they were born with a penis and do not have mamory glands.


A parent you destroyed because I became a parent.

Father @ 8:52 pm #

Oh wait !…. One more thing! I have to say, it was just brilliant timing that during an absolute economic depression to everyone in the state of florida, you change the child support to be calculated at what you even describe as a fictional number rather than reality. Driving a parent of a child into debt , hardship, wage garnishment of destructive percentages, bank levies with crippling fees associated with the process and last but not least no tax return. Especially right after Christmas time. Oh wait one more thing, lets also include the number of fathers you sent to jail because, Well, they are a father. Note the sarcasim; you are so brilliant articulate and a scholar at your job. I know you go home to live in your car or a tent somewhere in the woods , but this is for the best interest of your children while serving the public and being a part of your community contributing by way of a minimum wage job that you seem to be good at and enjoy, but once again , pay is not that great. Please sacrifice as much time possible away from your children in support of the laws you made this year ie second job so you can pay that baby sitter while your working instead of being with them and loving them. Please make sure you give your birthday gift , Easter gift , Christmas gift money to your child’s mother. Once again you must sacrifice for the laws As legislators, you so thoughtfully and brilliantly wrote. As a resident of the state of florida i do appreciate your sacrifice and, trust me when I say this, it is in the best interest of your children. Oh, there is one more benefit associated with your dedication and service of being a ” customer” of your wonderful service and legislation. When you cannot make your payments formulated by this genius math formula, I mean I even use this math formula in my household at home before you even just walked into my home uninvited. Oh yes , the benefits, do not worry about buying a home , your credit score will be wrecked :-). You won’t have to worry about getting a better paying job either because your credit score will disqualify from that to. Not to mention you do not have to deal with jobs that will fire you or not hire you because they do not want to be bogged down with administrating the cost of garnishment on there dime. 🙂 oh wait … It gets better. Not only can you not get a home and maybe a car loan or a better paying job, you absolutly cannot go back to school for better training and education so you can make a better life for your children :-)) I mean WOW you just can’t beat this deal. I told you there were benefits associated with your sacrifice in support of your brilliant legislation.
Now be sure to have your library card on you so you can instant chat with your kids or maybe even skype :-)) you can even virtually touch hands and blow kisses :-)) just be sure to tell them this is in there best interest and you are in complete control of supporting them 🙂

As a parent and father of a son, who is my purpose in life , i understand what , as sacrificing legislators, the heart break and hardship you will endour. I thank you for your service in support of your outstanding Nobel prize legislation for the 2015 year.

Sincere regards

Person born a male 🙂

January 12, 2020

Iris @ 7:27 pm #

@Father: I hope that there was a solution to the continuous problems caused by Child Support Enforcement. YES, u are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I personally know that Florida Child Support Court favors the woman who continues lying in court & continues being in contempt of the “SHARED CUSTODY” their child ( ( a.k.a.: THE parenting plan ). My son was told by the Child Support Court that his obligation was to pay the FULL amount child support & that gifts he gives or clothes he purchases for his 4 yr old is not counted. My son was not able to rent an apartment because he was a bit backed up in paying INCORRECT amount of Child Support ( this was while they were garnishing his pay chks ), etc. Twice he submitted paper work requesting corrections be made he also submitted proof of errors made by Child Support thus thy created his INABILITY to ever catch up to incorrect payments. His reg payments for his son was $206.00 monthly but somehow, even though his income remained unchanged, Child Support increased it to $568.00 monthly. HOWEVER, his requests for corrections were denied, etc. He contacted legal Aid as well as sent endless e-mails to about 19 Family Law Attorneys asking if they will take his case as “PRO BONO”. Guess what, none gave a shit. WHY? BECAUSE ( in my opinion ) MY SON IS JUST A MAN…

February 6, 2015

Father @ 4:37 pm #

Ideally, I agree, parents work it out. If that’s the thought process of legislators, they need to stay out of families privacy and 50/50 split right away. There will never be an easy agreement about anything unless parents are equal. The gender bias and discrimination is well known in the year 2014. The state and legislators need to fix the problems the state and legislators cause parents and children. They almost did it last year, whats another year of suffering under the old law. The fact is the people of the state of florida and in America have suffered under thoughtless legislators. They could careless about fixing the social problems they have created for parents. Courts are for lawbreakers and law suits. Not parents and children. Legislators create violence in families and its a shame they are not held accountable for there punitive behavior, lack of common sense and education.

February 24, 2015

Will Thomas @ 10:32 am #

@Father: I do agree with you, but in order for us as father to have our rights heard, we must come together as Fathers. As Fathers, and dealing with the court systems, laws, mothers, child support, and visitation, our frustration and stories are pretty much the same. So what do we do about it? We come together on one common ground and we have our voices heard. We have to make sure we are stable in our own homes. Today many judges are now turning the children over to the fathers, and that is good but I believe the law need to be changed. So How do you do that? We come together!

March 3, 2015

Father @ 11:01 pm #

Yes. We do have to come together. That is our constitutional right and a grassroots movement that is over due. We need to show up on capital hill in florida and let them know enough is enough. Equality between parents and privacy from government in our families. A purpose worth making the trip for all fathers. It’s a shame an equality movement has to take place for a parent and their child. The founders are turning over in their graves right now. My son is half mine. He should be with me 50% of the time and with the other parent 50% of the time. Period.

April 2, 2019

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