Joint Child Custody Florida


Working out Visitation Rights

As a reminder, you should always allow the courts to finalize the visitation arrangements between you and your ex-spouse. As life changes, we find ourselves with another spouse, you or your ex decided to move out of state, or any number of other circumstances that arise. You need to have your visitation rights protected through the courts before the need becomes and emergency.

When you and your spouse are deciding to separate or divorce you need to include your children in the conversation, if they are old enough to understand what is happening to them. Don’t wait to spring the bad news. Children often feel they are the cause of the breakup. So the sooner you talk to them the better. Tell them how they will see both parents and how often. Recently I have been hearing a lot of men petitioning the court for increased visitation rights. They want to spend more time with their children.

A good visitation rights schedule should help with addressing some of your child’s fears. It is very important how they are told their parents are separating. You should explain it to them in a manner that they can understand and not be afraid of what will happen next. Both parents must cooperate with each other for the benefit of the child.

Visitation rights isn’t just a schedule where you dictate a time and place to pick up your child, but should be well thought out for the maximum benefit – Quality Time with the Child. You must take into consideration the age and gender of the child when planning activities. If the child is an infant, you may consider short, but frequent visits with the non-custodial parent, because they require more care.

Make Visitation Rights easy on the Children
Children want to send time with their non-custodial parent. Make that time Quality time for them. Be involved in their activities, even if it’s not your weekend. As children get older they want to send less time with their parents. Don’t get offended when your teenager want to hang out with their friends on your scheduled time. Whatever visitation rights arrangement is agreed upon, you must concentrate on the wants and needs of the child and not on the rights or perceived rights of parents. I know I have focused on the children more than the parents regarding visitation rights, but as a product of divorced parents those are the things that stuck out for me.

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