Child Support Laws Florida


As the divorce rate goes up in the western world, many fathers feel that they need fathers assistance groups to help them. Many of these groups exist to give emotional support and feasible advice. Fathers find themselves in situations where there is discord over trusteeship and visitation rights. They may be widowed or a lone parent or have sole custody. Many fathers feel isolated and a group of men in a similar post can offer shared experiences. In divorce, safekeeping is habitually set to the mother and some fathers feel hard done by with the arrangements for visiting the child.

In the UK, the charity Families Need Fathers is a respected group that helps parents of either gender. Members are above all fathers and the central enterprise of the group is to promote the children’s well being at times of family break up. They are working with the courts to persuade divorcing parents to put the interests of the child above their own. Custody battles are particularly stressful for the offspring caught in the middle and the group hopes to buoy up intercession rather than argumentative action.

One of the more contentious groups to emerge from the rights for father’s association is Fathers 4 Justice. Another of the fathers support groups to start in Britain, it now has branches in the USA, Canada, Holland and Italy. The members feel very brilliantly that fathers are treated deceitfully with regard to contact with children after divorce. There has been a string of profile-raising aerial tricks in the UK to promote their cause. Protesters have undressed up as comic book superheroes on occasion, as when Batman and Robin scaled Buckingham Palace and Spider-Man stood on top of a crane. Members kitted outAntonym as Santa Claus invaded the Royal Courts of Justice. The most persuasive was gained when some men threw flour bombs at Tony Blair as he spoke in the House of Commons.

A figure of organizations with their origins in the United States also pull out all the stops for equal rights for fathers. These fathers backing groups include the Million Dads March Network, Parents Without Rights and The American Coalition of Fathers and Children. All these groups believe in the importance of the father offspring bond. So repeatedly, fathers and progeny have maximum association or no exchange at all. The society campaigns for joint parenting, whereby individual custody arrangements can become the norm instead of the exclusion. This would mean that both parents have identical responsibility for the adolescent and like admittance and the need for fathers aid groups will decrease.

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