State Laws Child Custody


Whenever there is a divorce, most likely, women hardly ever consider joint custody, just because they hate the person they use to love. So, why does the child have to be punished with the dispute of winning child custody between both parties

The reason is simple and clear. If both parties understood child custody laws, arguments over it wouldnt be an issue, because it will be much easier to react fast throughout the process and know the steps to take to get what you want in it.

Though one of the worst confrontations by divorce couples are custody related, one way or another, there has to be peace. Yes, woman are most likely to win, but ultimately, there are fathers rights and knowing all the child support guidelines upfront can create less stress and tension in the family.

One huge mistake divorce couple make is not correctly communicating with one another. Children can sense problems within their parents and the goal of understanding your questions and basic questions kind of makes you aware of questions your child might have when transformations shifts.

Children sometimes have the right to choose who they want to be with at a certain age and grandparents have certain visitation rights as well. The secret to winning child custody from the start is ultimately getting the knowledge and understanding of child support state laws before taking your first action.

When getting all the information you need to win child custody, getting support is extremely important within state laws. In situations like this, kids need it most and both parents should get over their emotions and get along for the sake of their kids.

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February 14, 2014

Linda Merchant @ 8:52 pm #

My husband and I are getting divorced. We have 2 children (20 and 16). We have agreed on an amount that he will pay me for child support of $125 per week. He makes $14.75 and hour, I make $14.25 an hour. This is a very amicable situation and don’t want to have the state say how much he should give me in child support since we have agreed upon an amount. Do we have to fill out child custody forms? It all just seems so complicated for something we feel is so simple. We are not arguing or fighting over anything. We make better friends than being married. Is there any simple way to do this?

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