What Are The Divorce Laws In Florida


What is Dissolution of Marriage

As a certified Supreme Court family law mediator and experienced expert in matters of divorce, I have found it has become more and more common where couples are seeking to file papers outside of court. According to recently published figures by the Palm Beach County Clerks office, there has never been a time when so many couples were filing papers for their own divorce and doing the paperwork without using lawyers.

A dissolution of marriage is a term which simply means you are seeking a non-adversarial solution to dissolving your marriage through a legal proceeding which terminates the marital union. It avoids conflict, is typically much quicker, less expensive, and the parties are relatively more sure of the final outcome than with divorce through litigation. The marriage laws in Florida make this process even more unique.

Marriage Laws in Florida

Florida is a no-fault state when it comes to the dissolution of marriage. Therefore in order to file for the action, neither party in the divorcing couple need to prove any wrongdoing on the other persons part. The only item that needs to be proven is that the legal marriage does exist, and that both parties are in agreement that the marriage has become irreparable to the point where neither party can co-exist within the union any longer. The issue of “fault” would only be brought up in a Florida dissolution of marriage if there is a need to determine alimony or child visitation.

What makes dissolution of marriage in Florida even more unique is that the marriage laws in Florida under Statute 61 state that if you live in the State of Florida, have children and petition for an action to dissolve a marriage, then according to laws set forth by the Florida Legislature, you have to attend mediation with or without an attorney.

Benefits of Marriage Dissolution through Mediation

Since it is true that according to Florida Statute 61 that mediation is mandatory with or without attorney, then it would be in a divorcing couples best interest financially to make all best attempts to settle the terms of their divorce within the mediation session. This would consequently eliminate the added expense of hiring separate attorneys and going through costly courtroom litigation. Family divorce mediation is a process that allows couples to file their own paperwork for marriage dissolution through the advice of a neutral, unbiased, third-party family mediator. Many people have found this method easier, less stressful, and more safety focused in dealing with the difficult matters of a divorce.

If you are seeking a dissolution of marriage in Florida you should consider seeking the advice of a certified family law mediator who can guide you through the process and properly advise you on the marriage laws in Florida which govern it. Mediation has helped many people gain a fresh new start and move forward with their lives.

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