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The Florida Statutes and Family Code give clear information about how child custody cases are handled in the state. Title 6, Chapter 61: Dissolution of Marriage, Support, and Custody contains the specific information about the laws and guidelines that determine child custody arrangements. In this chapter, it states that the parenting plan must “describe in adequate detail…the time-sharing schedule arrangements that specify the time that the minor child will spend with each parent”. This means that Florida law places the utmost importance on a good child custody and visitation schedule. As parents make this time-sharing schedule, they must familiarize themselves with parts of the custody laws. Here are some laws that can help parents create their schedule.

1. The parents must both have adequate time with the child. Chapter 61 states that the minor children should have “frequent and continuing contact with both parents after the parents separate”. So, when a mother and father create a custody schedule, they should be sure to give enough time to both parents to be with the child. A Florida court will not accept a schedule where one parent is given all of the time. Parents should look at the needs of the children and figure out how to best allow both parents to be involved. The law further encourages parents to share all aspects of childrearing. To do this, each parent should have long enough visits to bond with the children and to perform different responsibilities and be involved in different aspects of the child’s life.

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