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Of all the issues addressed during a divorce, nothing is more important and more emotional than establishing parents’ visitation schedules and rights. Fair or not, mothers are often granted more share time with their children after a divorce. With such broad control of their children’s activities and plans, it is no wonder that many fathers feel as if their hands are tied when it comes to enforcing their visitation rights.

It is unreasonable for either parent to expect the other to adhere to strict time requirements of visitation terms each and every time; one must allow for things such as illness, taking a nap, etc. However, if the mother’s level of control of the children extends unreasonably, so as to interfere with pre-determined visitation schedule, then the father’s visitation rights may have been violated. In the best interest of the children’s welfare, it is of the utmost importance that all parties fully understand and adhere to the visitation rights, as outlined in your divorce decree.

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