lower child support


Child support laws have been enacted to protect children. Children have the right to be raised and provided for by both parents and child support is one way that the law holds parents responsible for providing financially for their children. Most parents are more than happy to provide for their children, but it isn’t fair when the amount of support demanded by one parent is too much for the other parent to pay. Or when a parent receiving child support uses the money for other things. Many parents need to learn about how to lower child support payments because they are paying too much money and it isn’t being used to raise the children.

Any parent who is paying child support needs to know how the amount of support is calculated. Every state uses child support software to calculate how much child support needs to be paid. Since every state has different guidelines about child custody, they all have different programs that take different things into consideration. Pretty much every state looks at how much money each parent makes, how much insurance each parent is providing, how much time each parent has with the children, and other financial information. They plug the numbers into the software and it spits out a number that one parent has to pay. Parents who want to know how much support they’ll be paying can get a copy of their state’s child support software to help them.

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