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Whenever there is a divorce, most likely, women hardly ever consider joint custody, just because they now hate the person that they used to love. So, why does the child have to be punished with the dispute of winning child custody between both parties?

The reason is simple and clear. If both parties understood child custody laws, arguments over it wouldn’t be an issue, because it will be much easier to react quickly throughout the process and know the necessary steps to take.

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In years past it was customary for a mother to automatically get physical custody of children in a divorce. With most women now in the workforce that is changing these days and now more father’s are seeing the courts decide in their favor when it is in the best interest of the child. While it is still accepted in most places that children would normally be placed in physical custody of their mothers more father’s are making a strong case for physical custody.

Divorce scenarios are different today than they were 20 to 30 years ago. No longer do we see stay at home mom’s raising children while father’s work outside the home and provide for the family. This is the single biggest factor in father’s winning custody. A female can no longer be assured of getting physical custody of her children if she and her ex husband both have jobs outside the home. The courts are now looking more equally at both parents being able to care for their children and more father’s are getting custody now than at any other time.

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